Former Houses

For much of the 20th century, Dawes and Raymond Houses—now known as Girls’ Lower and Boys’ Lower, respectively—were Circle Houses with equal standing to those physically located on the Olmsted Circle.

Dawes House in particular was a powerhouse in the House football championships, taking the crown 21 times between 1920 and 1971.

Another now-vanished Circle House, the Davis House also participated in early inter-house football competition.  In use between 1884 and 1930, Davis House was located on Main Street just past the golf course, and is now a private residence.

When Raymond House was built in 1930, the young men of Davis House moved into Raymond and for many years, the House was referred to as Raymond-Davis.  Both Raymond and Dawes ceased to be Circle Houses in 1972, when the Lower School houses of Davidson and Thomas (in Raymond) and Perry Ross and Cromwell (in Dawes) relocated to the Bowl.