House Histories


Hamill House, shown here circa 1895, was built in 1814.

For those researching histories of the houses, the primary resource is The House System at the Lawrenceville School, a manuscript first written by A. R. Evans in 1963 and updated by Virginia Chambers in 1990.

The manuscript explains the origin of the house system at Lawrenceville, the details about how each house came to be built, and for whom it was named. There are also numerous lists of such things as the names of the house presidents and house masters over the decades and the number of school presidents to come from a given house. The archives has a copy of this manuscript available for research.

Each house also has records stored in the Archives, although most of these records are slim and relate to such things as physical renovations of the houses. In addition to the documents, there are photographs of both the houses themselves and their members over the years, as well as architectural drawings.



Haskell (boys) Fifth Form 1832 or earlier Fred K. Haskell, L. 1901 First classroom building. Also served as a gymnasium, Society Hall, science building and music building. Converted to housing in 1955.
Kinnan (boys) Fifth Form 1913 Alexander P.W. Kinnan, L. 1873 Originally built as the Society Building, converted to housing in 1930.
Upper East & West (boys) Fifth Form 1892 Rev. Caleb Smith, grandfather of John Cleve Green Originally known as Caleb Smith Hall, but common usage of “Upper” has prevailed.
McPherson (girls) Fifth Form 1929 Simon John McPherson, Head Master, 1899-1919 Originally served as an infirmary.
Reynolds (girls) Fifth Form 1988 David P. Reynolds, L. 1934
Cleve Circle Houses (boys) 1885 Middle name of John Cleve Green Enlarged in 1896.
Dickinson Circle Houses (boys) 1885 Maiden name of Martha Dickinson, daughter of Jonathan Dickinson, first president of Princeton College and great-grandmother of John C. Green Enlarged in 1895.
Griswold Circle Houses (boys) 1885 Maiden name of Sarah Helen Griswold, wife of John C. Green Enlarged in 1895.
Hamill Circle Houses (boys) 1814 Samuel McClintock Hamill, Head Master from 1837 to 1883, and his brother Hugh Hamill The earliest part of the building was built by Rev. Dr. Isaac Van Arsdale Brown, founder of the school.
Kennedy Circle Houses (boys) 1889 Robert L. Kennedy, friend of John C. Green and one of the executors of his estate. Enlarged in 1895.
Woodhull Circle Houses (boys) 1885, 1892 Middle name of Henry Woodhull Green, brother of John C. Green Destroyed by fire in 1892, rebuilt same year.
Carter Crescent Houses (girls) 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carter ’70 P’01 ‘05 2nd LEED-certified campus building, built by V.J. Scozzari and Sons.
Kirby Crescent Houses (girls) 1987 Kirby Family Originally unnamed and housed Perry Ross and Cromwell girls. From 1989-1990, called Alumni House.
McClellan Crescent Houses (girls) 1987 Bruce and Mary Elizabeth McClellan, Head Master and wife, 1959-1986 Gift of trustee Bert A. Getz, L. 1955.
Stanley Crescent Houses (girls) 1987 Stanley Family Gift of trustee Edmund A. Stanley, L. 1943, and his brother, Thomas Stanley, L. 1945.
Stephens Crescent Houses (girls) 1987 Wade C. Stephens Family Gift of trustee Artemis A. W. Joukowsky, L. 1950.
Davidson (boys) Lower School Houses 1930 Philip J. Davidson, L. 1911, died August 1918 while in service for WWI All four houses were originally in the old Lower School, built in 1924 and officially named the Alumni War Memorial Building. In 1972, Davidson and Thomas moved to Raymond-Davis House, built in 1930 and named for long-time faculty member Charles Henry Raymond. Cromwell and Perry Ross moved to Dawes House, built in 1929 and named for Rufus Fearing Dawes, L. 1909.
Thomas (boys) Lower School Houses 1930 Gerald P. Thomas, L. 1915, died Aug. 28, 1918 while in service for WWI
Cromwell (girls) Lower School Houses 1929 James H. R. Cromwell, L. 1915
Perry Ross (girls) Lower School Houses 1929 Perry Ross Rosenheim, L. 1914, died April 18, 1919, while in service.