In the Bunn Library

Hats Off to Lawrenceville!

Title Page croppedFrom fashion necessity to fashion accessory, hats have played an important role on Lawrenceville’s campus. Over the course of two centuries the Lawrenceville community has donned a variety of hats which were used as social symbols, a manner of protection, and as a stylistic embellishment. Hats Off to Lawrenceville showcases examples of such chapeaus from The Stephan Archives’ collection. The exhibit is categorized by theme — sleeping, class hats, community, boating, sports, utility, prom, and graduation – and also displays historic garments and reproductions of works on paper. So, tip your hat, celebrate, and enjoy this unique chapter in Lawrenceville’s story! Hats Off to Lawrenceville! will be on display in the Archives Reading Room during regular library hours beginning on May 1, 2015.

Life in Lower: The Exhibition

OldLower5501Due to popular demand, the Life in Lower exhibit, first displayed during Alumni Weekend 2011, will be on display again in the Bunn Library for Alumni Weekend 2015. The exhibit features a life-size reconstructed Old Lower cubicle, decorated as it would have been in 1965. Located in the Main Lobby of the Bunn Library. For more background on how the exhibit was designed and implemented, check out this Fall 2011 Lawrentian article on Old Lower.

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