Access to Records

School archival records will normally remain closed for a maximum period of twenty years from the date of their creation (the date on which each document was written) unless the office of origin has designated a shorter period.  Publications by the School will generally be considered open upon publication, including the school newspaper (The Lawrence), the School alumni magazine (The Lawrentian).  The only records that are restricted for a different period are:

Student records: Restricted to administrative users for 80 years following the student’s class date and with the death of the student, except by permission of the Registrar. Under FERPA, students are permitted access to their own records. [i] Files in other collections containing student disciplinary records and grades also adhere to these restrictions.

Personnel records:  Unpublished material contained in personnel files of individual members of the faculty will be closed until 100 years until after the person’s year of birth or 5 years after the person’s year of death, whichever is longer. Exceptions may be made only with the prior approval of the Dean of the Faculty.

Access to certain other records may be restricted by law regardless of time passage.

[i]   In order to protect the privacy of our community members, access by name to individual student and personnel records (e.g. for biographical studies) will be permitted only in accordance with the above policies.  Such records, even where located in runs of otherwise unrestricted material, are still considered closed and not subject to use by researchers.  Access for aggregate studies (anonymous studies of groups) will be considered in accordance with this policy and the rules and regulations of the School Archives.  Access will also be denied when restricted by law regardless of the number of years which have elapsed.

Policy date 1/6/2012 JEH

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