Donating Materials

The Lawrenceville School’s Stephan Archives welcomes donations of materials related to the history of the School. Please see our Collection Policy for details on what the archives collects.

Things to know before you donate:

  • Materials are legally transferred from the donor to the Stephan Archives when the donor reviews and signs a deed of gift. The Archives can only devote resources to the description and preservation of collections which it owns. Materials on loan are generally not accepted.
  • Items sent to the archives that are not official school records become the property of the School, to be kept or discarded as determined by the archivist’s professional judgment.
  • The Stephan Archives reserves the right to refuse articles which are not suitable for our collections or which have mold or insect damage which could pose a hazard to our existing collections.
  • If a collection or item is not appropriate for the School’s collections, archival staff may assist the donor in locating a more appropriate institution to receive the donation.
  • Donations should include the donor’s name and contact information.
  • The Stephan Archives does not perform financial appraisals of donated collections for tax purposes. While the archives can issue a detailed gift acknowledgment listing donated items, assessment of materials’ fidicuary value must be conducted by an outside appraiser.
  • When possible, as much information about items as possible should be included, including associated people, events, locations and dates.

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