Use of Archives by Classes

Lawrenceville faculty are welcome to bring classes into the Stephan Archives for research that supports their curriculuum.  Before visiting:

  • Contact the archivist or staff to review what materials your class would like to look at. Collections are usually pulled in advance in preparation for your class visit, although additional materials can be retrieved during the class period if necessary.
  • Book the Heely Archives Reading Room in the Veracross Reservation Database for the class period you are interested in.  The reservation will need to be approved by the archivist before it is finalized.
  • If students will be handling original materials, they may be asked to wash and dry their hands thoroughly and/or use white cotton gloves.
  • Most materials can be photocopied, photographed or scanned by students, but discretion always rests with the archivist or archives staff. Materials do not circulate and must remain in the library.

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