Making Paper and Digital Copies

Your rights and responsibilities regarding photocopies and digital Images from The Lawrenceville School’s Stephan Archives

1) The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) allows us to provide a research copy of any work in our collections, published or unpublished, in whole or in part, for personal, one-time use by a researcher unless forbidden by law, by Deed of Gift, or by other instrument of transmittal.  Compliance with copyright law in the use of a photocopy or reproduction provided by the School Archives is the responsibility of the user.

2) When we fulfill a request for copies, we do so as the physical owners of the original materials.  You should be aware that (a) the copies are for your own research use; (b) in most cases, we do not control the copyright; (c) you bear the responsibility for obtaining such permissions (if any) as may be necessary to use the copy for other purposes; and (d) you bear responsibility for determining whether and to what extent it is permissible to copy from the work under the doctrine of fair use.

3) When practical, we will try to facilitate contact between a researcher and copyright holder by sending a message to the copyright holder requesting that we release contact information. When we know a copyright holder does not object to having his or her contact information released, we can provide the contact information directly to the researcher.

4) If you desire to publish, exhibit, or broadcast copies of materials from our collections, you will need to complete a Publication Permission Form Academic researchers must have this form approved by the School Archivist before research can be conducted.  Commercial publishers must seek permission from the School’s Communications Department. This form does not grant copyright permission, which researchers are responsible for obtaining, but it assures that the Lawrenceville School Stephan Archives is properly credited as the physical owner of the item in question.  Where space allows, please include the line: “The Stephan Archives, The Lawrenceville School.”  Where space is limited, the shorter credit “The Lawrenceville School” is acceptable.

Reproduction Fees

The following fees apply whether the actual copies or scans are made by archival staff or researchers.  The Stephan Archives customarily waives fees for student, faculty and other administrative users.

Paper photocopies: 10 cents per page

Digital scans: 

  • Up to 3 scans, free
  • 4-5 scans, $1
  • 6+ scans, $1 per additional scan

Payment may be made by researchers in the form of cash, check or money order made out to “The Lawrenceville School, Stephan Archives,” or via Paypal.  When paying via Paypal, additional processing fees may apply.  We do not accept credit cards directly.  Please contact the archivist for more  information.

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