Online Exhibits

House Football: A Lawrenceville Tradition


This exhibit explores the history of House football at the Lawrenceville School and its impact on the community.

Photos from the Coachman Collection

Candid photos taken by brothers Walter Fossin Coachman L1913 and Charles Rogers Coachman L 1917 in various locales between approximately 1913 and 1920.

In The Bunn Library

Periwig’s Favorite Playwrights!

Celebrating its 125th Anniversary, the Periwig Club has showcased plays written by playwrights who were so prolific and so talented that their works graced The Periwig_Sq_PowerPoint_GraphicLawrenceville School’s stage multiple times over the last century.  From comedies to tragedies, the plays that these individuals created helped shape Western thought, emotion, and humor.  Join your classmates in The Stephan Archives to celebrate the Periwig Club and its favorite playwrights!

                                            The exhibit will be on view from May 2017 to April 2018.

In the Fathers Building

Through the Lens: The Photography of Edward Arthur Robbins H’68 ’69 ’71 ’11

robbins in pop hallThe Stephan Archives staff worked in tandem with the Office of the CFO to showcase photographic highlights from retired Classics Master Ed Robbins’ portfolio in Through the Lens: The Photography of Edward Arthur Robbins H’68 ’69 ’71 ’11 for the dedication of the renovated Fathers BuildingTravel enthusiasts will be delighted to see 78 enlarged full-color images mounted on the first and second floor of the building which feature contemporary scenes from Robbins’ ventures to Argentina, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, England, France, the Galapagos Islands, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Vietnam, and the United States. The Stephan Archives has accessioned a complete copy of Robbins’ portfolio for researchers which, along with the exhibit, can be accessed by the community during regular school hours.

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