With the baseball season in full swing,  we wanted to highlight a classic Lawrenceville School baseball memory – a 3-2 win over rival Mercersburg in 1908. Team captain Frank Williamson Harper L. 1908 pitched Lawrenceville to victory in a game that lasted a hard-fought 20 innings! For years it was widely considered the greatest game the campus had ever seen. It was even noted as such in Harper’s wedding announcement which ran in The Lawrence on May 1, 1914.

fw harper


First phase of Lawrentian digitization is complete

The Stephan Archives is excited to announce that the first phase in the Lawrentian digitization project has been completed. The first phase of digitization included the Lawrenceville Alumni Bulletin, the predecessor to the Lawrentian. The Alumni Bulletin began in 1906 and ran through 1936. Digital versions of the Alumni Bulletin can be found along side the digital versions of The Lawrence in our repository for digital collections located at:

The second phase of the project will cover the period during which the name change occurred in 1936 through 1970. Issues from this era are currently being packed and will be shipped to the digitization vendor in the coming weeks. Future plans include digitizing all issues of the Lawrentian through present day. This project was made possible through the support and generosity of Dr. John Stephan L. 1959 and Barbara Stephan.